Internet & Gopher Server Runs JAVA

ZBServer is an integrated World Wide Web (HTTP) and Gopher server for computers running Microsoft Windows 3.1x, NT or 95. The server software allows educational institutions and individuals to use their standard Windows-based computers to publish Web documents and Gopher information, share files and communicate information to a defined workgroup or the Internet. Depending on the version, ZBServer can service up to 32 concurrent requests and runs in either the foreground or background on a dedicated or non-dedicated machine. It uses very little system resources, yet comes with features such as server macros, JAVA compatibility, security functions and a built-in Gopher server. Download a shareware edition at; educators receive special pricing. Hoosier On-Line Systems, Seymour, IN, (800) 861-3137.

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.