Student "Explore" Egypt, USA

Time Trip, USA and Destination: Pyramids -- two new additions to the award-winning Imagination Express Series -- give students powerful tools to produce interactive electronic books, movies and printed works while they learn more about each program's theme.

In Destination: Time Trip, USA students travel through time, examining the life and history of a fictional New England town. Covered are the evolution of architecture, inventions, fashion and entertainment from the early 1600s to present day America.
With Destination: Pyramids students explore the mysterious setting of ancient Egypt and choose a temple, the pharaoh's palace, the foot of a pyramid or the middle of a village for their background scenes. Every "learning destination" in Imagination Express titles boasts richly illustrated backgrounds with hundreds of object and character "stickers." Stickers can be animated within a scene to create a "movie," complete with text and sound.
Myriad other activities for individual and group learning are also integrated. Both titles feature an electronic Fact Book or Scrapbook that offers students' insights about the daily life and customs of the time and setting. In both programs, students develop writing, creativity and communication skills as they create scenes, choose and animate characters, plan plots and write stories, narrate pages and add music, conversations and sound effects to create interactive adventures. Stories can then be played back onscreen or printed in color or B&W to share with classmates and family. Edmark Corp., Redmond, WA, (800) 691-2985, WM

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.