Modem Combines ISDN, Analog Tech.

U.S. Robotics recently enhanced its Courier I-Modem with ISDN/V.34, which combines the features of an ISDN terminal adapter and analog modem in a single device. First, the firm has made available on its BBS new TurboPPP ISDN standards, for improved throughput and compression. One component, Multilink PPP, allows two 64 Kbps B channels of an ISDN BRI line to be combined into a single 128 Kbps channel. In addition, the Courier I-Modem's dynamic voice override now supports voice communications over a standard analog phone, allowing data to be sent without interruption even when a voice call is placed. The product connects directly to an ISDN wall jack as well as to a telephone, fax machine or answering machine. Suited for telecommuting and Internet applications over ISDN, the I-Modem connects calls at the highest possible rate supported by the device on the other end of the connection. Stampede Remote Office Gold Client software enables off-site access to a campus LAN with full functionality. For analog applications, the I-Modem operates just like U.S. Robotics' Courier V.Everything/ V.34 modem. The firm supports this product with a special toll-free number: (888) USR-ISDN. U.S. Robotics, Skokie, IL, (800) USR-CORP

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.