NEC Introduces New Videoconf. System

NEC America Corporate Networks Group (CNG) introduces the TeachingPro 5000, an advanced videoconferencing system that works with a classroom's existing computer and telecommunications equipment to protect initial investments while migrating technology to the next level. Tailored for distance learning programs, the system comes with a personal computer, VHS videocassette recorder/player, 35mm video slide projector, annotation light pen and built-in document camera and light source. All peripherals can be controlled by the instructor through a touchpad panel, removing the need for operating technicians. All information generated and displayed by the teaching podium is shared through NEC's TC5000EX7 codec, which supports high-quality video, audio and data transmission. The TeachingPro 5000 is the second product developed and manufactured under the terms of a ten-year agreement between NEC America and Texas Tech University Health Science Center's HealthNet. NEC America CNG, Irving, TX, (800) TEAM-NEC,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.