Broadcast Info. Over Classroom Monitors

EDGE TV can transform classroom television monitors into a cost-effective solution for delivering instructional programs or campus information.

The package comprises a Pentium 133MHz PC with CD-ROM drive, 16MB RAM and 1GB hard drive; color monitor; and all necessary software.

Besides eight pre-packaged daily scripts, users get over 300 professionally designed backgrounds, 20 music selections and 24 animated cartoon transitions, plus a custom logo and design based on school shield and mascot.

Educators may use EDGE TV to broadcast information on upcoming events, schedule changes or sports scores.

Longer programs can highlight team accomplishments or welcome new staff and students. Some schools have found the system a worthy alternative to traditional newspapers or flyers.

A free videotape demonstrates how the system can benefit schools of all sizes. Alpha Video, Edina, MN, (612) 896-9898,

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.