Madeline Leads Girls On Learning Trips

Applying findings from a recent research of girls' responses to software, Madeline: European Adventures is a program that leads girls through exciting learning adventures, challenging them to follow stories and solve problems.

Performed by the University of British Columbia, the independent research study, "Electronic Games for Education in Math and Science," concluded that young girls respond to software that emphasizes relationships, characters, social interactions and stories. These elements form the foundation of the four learning activities in Madeline.

At any time in adventures, children can access six repeatable learning activities that build skills in geography, spelling, French and Spanish vocabulary, keyboarding, memorization, sequencing and creativity. Geography activity, for example, challenges children to complete a variety of games, such as matching flags and capitals to the correct European nation.

Also included on Madeline is Wonderlink, Creative Wonders' proprietary online linking technology that gives users the option to access additional Madeline learning activities on a dedicated Web site. Creative Wonders, Redwood City, CA, (800) KID-XPRT, W

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.