Video Supplies "Sound" Advice

Suited for educators who need a basic understanding of sound systems, Understanding Sound Systems is a videotape that covers everything educators need to help design, install and operate a sound system.

Based on 20 years experience in designing, installing and operating sound systems, the video is designed to help beginners as well as individuals with more advanced experience. Topics covered include: eliminating feedback, using linear transducers, understanding the different types of microphones and loudspeakers, and more.

Viewers will be better qualified to make informed decisions when selecting equipment and will be able to avoid being misled by incomplete or meaningless equipment specifications.

The tape ships with a printed Glossary of Audio Terms and a Questionnaire that allows one to test their audio knowledge before and after viewing the video. Atlantic Audio Systems, Raleigh, NC, (919) 876- 8432.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.