Kit, Course & Contest Teaches Robotics

The MazeBot Robotics Kit is an entire curriculum requiring students to learn and apply robotics. Student teams build a robot for a final Pinball Contest where mobile robots trigger the bumpers on the MazeBot Game Board. 

Developed at the University of Alberta, MazeBot suits high school to college level use. Topics cover introduction, mobile robotics, sensor technologies, FORTH programming and real-time embedded systems. 

The re-usable kit comprises hardware components, software, a modular game board and an Instructorís Pack with course outline and references, lab assignments with bi-weekly milestones, the Mobile Robots textbook and Pinball Contest instructions. 

Educators may win a MazeBot Kit or the more advanced Pioneer 1 robot via a contest found on the firmís Web site. ActivMedia, Inc., Peterborough, NH, (800) 639-9481, 

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.