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Winnebago Software's Spectrum 4 is an integrated 32-bit library automation program for Windows and Mac OS that manages up to three million material records and an unlimited number of patron records. Spectrum 4 also has over 40 new features, including a circulation screen with patron photos to allow for easy patron identification and added security. As with all Winnebago Software programs, Spectrum 4 is Y2K safe. www.winnebago.com


Capturing two Codie Awards for Excellent Education Content and Exceptional Multimedia Production Quality, Encyclopedia Britannica's CD 99-Multimedia Edition and CD 98 Multimedia Edition were awarded as the Best Overall Multimedia Production and the Best Education Software Upgrade, respectively. Rich in content, Britannica CD 99 is complete with 73,000 articles, over 1.5 million hypertext links and 30,000 related Internet links. The educational software also features sound and video clips, over 1,200 maps, and 9,000 photos and images. To learn more, link onto www.eb.com.


Another Codie Award winner is Houghton Mifflin Interactive's Awesome Animated Monster Maker Math CD-ROM. Awarded for "Best New Home Education For Children," the educational tool features thousands of problems covering the scope and sequence of math curriculum for grades 1-6. Developed by ImaginEngine Corporation, Awesome Animated Monster Maker covers problem solving, estimation and solution strategies. Children embark on an adventure while learning to solve a deep range of math problems. For additional details, visit www.hminet.com.


The California Board of Education has adopted Decision Development Corporation's Ancient World 2000+ and Social Science 2000 for textbooks. Ancient World 2000+, adopted for grade 6, provides a complete set of instructional materials covering Human Prehistory through the Fall of the Roman Empire. It also includes a Version 2.0 upgrade, featuring updated content, digitized motion and still video, direct access to Internet resources on the Web, and Internet Explorer 4.0 and FrontPage Express. Social Science 2000, adopted for grades K through 3, and 5 also features online database activities and maps. For more information, call (800)-835-4332 or visit www.ddc2000.com.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.