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Dealing with Online Content Offline

From Blue Squirrel, Inc. comes WebWhacker 2000, an Internet software utility for organizing, storing, retrieving and printing information from favorite Web sites. It is a good tool for educators looking to capture and store Internet pages for fast and convenient offline viewing and archiving. Users can utilize robust features that can be performed easily within a familiar interface modeled after Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Site Tree Previewing allows you to preview a site's organizational tree, including adjacent levels. Once WebWhacker has grabbed the site's HTML, users can select the levels they want to download. If a user elects to store Web site content onto their computer's hard drive or onto removable storage, they can use the Site Tree Postviewing feature. Link Checking generates reports on all broken links after it has obtained a site's HTML.

Additional features of WebWhacker 2000 include a simple interface, the ability to view content as it is being downloaded, a function allowing you to pause and resume a download in progress, and compatibility with all leading Internet browsers. New, upgrade and trial versions of the program can be downloaded and purchased online from the company Web site. Blue Squirrel, Salt Lake City, UT, (801) 523-1063,


This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.