Networking - Soundsphere's new loudspeaker system

Soundsphere's new loudspeaker system, Soundsphere Model Q-CS, is optimized for recessed mounting in low ceiling (8 to 14 ft.) applications. It features a full hemispherical coverage pattern, full frequency sound, high sensitivity (90dB SPL 1 watt/1meter) and a maximum handling capability of 15 watts. The new Q-CS has a tonal balance of sound that d'es not change even as the listener moves off-axis. Additionally, the Q-CS achieves this off-axis frequency response without requiring electronic processing. This delivers crisp, accurate voice announcements and full-range music reproductions.

Since the loudspeakers are capable of a wide, even coverage - 360 degrees in the horizontal plane and 180 degrees in the vertical plane - fewer loudspeakers are needed in nearly all installations. Soundsphere, Stratford, CT, (203) 386-9200,


This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.