See You on the Web

White Pine’s CU-SeeMe Web is a technology that enables live audio, video and text chat to be embedded in a standard Web browser. It enables on-demand Visual Instant Messaging, Web-based video chat, live interactive Web events and more. Internet portals and Web sites will find a new set of tools to grow membership, create online communications and offer services that have not previously been available.

Video Instant Messaging provides new enhancements from standard instant messaging and e-mail. It adds audio and video to the instant message experience. CU-SeeMe Web also allows the development of Internet call centers, enabling interactive two-way visual communication over the Internet. A user is automatically connected visually, audibly and with text-based chat simply by clicking on a browser button.

The software integrates with White Pine’s MeetingPoint conference server, which provides many of the back-end functions needed for applications like videochat, collaboration, Internet event management and other multipoint applications. White Pine Software, Nashua, NH, (603) 886-9050,


This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.