Typing Software Well Suited for Classrooms

A new title from Knowledge Adventure and Simon & Schuster offers typing lessons in a simulated Internet environment. Typing Tutor 10 helps novice computer users learn typing skills while introducing them to the feel of Internet navigation. It also appeals to students already familiar with the Internet by helping them improve their typing efficiency in a familiar, Web-like environment. The program includes eight unique games that help students improve typing speed and accuracy, along with virtual e-mail, which notifies students of their accomplishments and suggests the next step.

Customized lessons include keyboard and hand guides, split screens, exciting backgrounds and lively music. Students learn to type the keyboard and numeric pad characters using the traditional home row method. Those who have mastered the basics will increase their confidence and dexterity with custom lessons and challenging games.

Typing Tutor 10 enables students to work independently and set their own goals. The program is divided into four menu options: lessons, practice, progress and games. The program continually adjusts coursework suggestions to each student’s level. Students can practice typing with over 200 passages from biographies, history, literature, magazine articles and business correspondence. The games motivate students to build skills and advance at a fast pace.

The school version of the software comes with a teacher’s guide, offering tips and strategies for implementing the activities, along with suggested schedules and lesson plans. The software comes on a CD-ROM suitable for both Power Macintosh and Windows systems. Knowledge Adventure, Torrance, CA, (800) 545-7677, www.knowledgeadventure.com.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.