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Map Out Important Concepts

Mind Mapping is a way to prepare and present core concepts to students in easily understood, easy-to-remember visualizations. eMind Maps from MindJET is a software program that takes educators through the Mind Mapping process step-by-step, helping students perceive information in a natural, nonlinear fashion.

The easy-to-use software offers an efficient way to take notes, prepare for classes and lectures, and create lesson plans. Teachers can use the software to create interactive lesson plans or link information to other computer files or Web sites.

Students can also utilize the software for a variety of projects. The software can be used to make schedules, to-do lists, calendars, or research organizers. At home, the software can help students manage their homework assignments or make visual presentations. eMaps also help students instantly recognize key concepts, high priorities, and important details of their lessons, as well as the relationships between concepts they learn in the classrooms. MindJET, Sausalito, CA, (415) 332-6808,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.