Extend Your Ethernet

Physical Optics Corporation has introduced its newand expanded 6900 Fiber Optic Multimedia ExtenderSystem. This product provides simultaneous transmission of oneEthernet or Fast Ethernet, one baseband video, one stereo Hi-Fi audio, one T1or E1 channel, and one RS232 or RS422 serial data over a multimode orsingle-mode fiber pair for bi-directional communication application.

The system extends the range of Ethernet/Fast Ethernetvideo, audio, T1/E1 and RS232/RS422 with full bandwidth in each channel, whilereducing fiber counts and simplifying installations for multiple networkequipment. These features make it useful for distance learning, multimedianetwork, video conferencing, remote multimedia studio and entertainmentinformation distribution applications. Physical Optics Corp., Torrance, CA, (800) 214-0222, www.poc.com.

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.