Schools In Need Now Eligible for Free Thin-Client Software

K-12 schools and higher educationSafeDesk Solutionsinstitutions that havelimited resources to purchase andmaintain computer labs shouldtake advantage of SafeDeskSolutions’ Quick Start, which will providethem with the company’s thinclientsoftware, for free. Throughthe program, the company’s SUSELinux-based flagship product,SafeDesk Standard, is beingdistributed as a free downloadableCD or low-cost preconfiguredserver bundle that is ready todeploy out of the box. Thisenables schools to have multipleclient terminals up and runningin minutes.

Additional benefits of theQuick Start program include afree SafeDesk Standard serverconfiguration that supports up to30 users, discounts on future hardwareand software purchases, aswell as 60 days of free upgradesand maintenance service for registeredsoftware users. For moreinformation and a programapplication, head to the Web site.

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.