8e6 Helps Locate Student Responsible for Teacher Death Threat

In late May, a high school teacher from theSan Diego City School District (CA),which serves about 136,000 students,received an anonymous death threat from astudent via his school e-mail account.Fortunately, district network and securitypersonnel were able to prevent a potentiallyfatal incident, using the data provided by 8e6Technologies’ (www.8e6.com) EnterpriseReporter, a stand-alone appliance that reportson Web usage without compromisingfiltering speed/performance or any otherserver/network functions. With the informationfrom Enterprise Reporter, administratorsworked with police to isolate thecomputer used to e-mail the threat, find thestudent who had checked it out, and successfullyapprehend the suspected student.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.