Tacoma SD Swaps Back-Office Systems


Tacoma School District in Washington state recently made plans to deploy a number of business software applications from Lawson Software to replace the district's current financial, human resources, and payroll systems. The installation of the software systems will be completed by July 2008, according to Lawson.

"We went through an extensive process when looking at new systems to address out business needs and wanted applications that fit our criteria," said Ron Hack, chief financial officer of the Tacoma District, in a prepared statement. "Lawson offers an integrated system and functionality that we were looking for. The fact that Lawson offers a business intelligence application played a huge role in our decision."

According to Lawson, application suites chosen by the district include:

  • Human Capital Management designed to keep track of employees during their lifecycle and provide teachers and employees access to basic HR information;
  • Supply Chain Management designed for data collection and management of procurement and invetory of supplies;
  • Enterprise Financial Management a group of programs designed to share financial data for budget planning, forecasting and keeping tabs on projects and activities;
  • Business Intelligence designed to provide institutions with recommendations for operational practices and how to apply them; and
  • Business Process Management designed to customize company applications and provide a process-flow integrator.

Tacoma School District has 4,000 employees and has more than 29,500 students currently enrolled.

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