School Security :: August 14, 2007

Security Spotlight

Kentucky School Enhances Security Electronically

With security an increasing concern for school districts, the weakest link can be the front entryway. How can schools offer a visitor-friendly school environment that is also secure from unwanted individuals?

Walton-Verona Elementary School rolled out an electronic visitor check-in system in the immediate aftermath of the shootings at Virginia Tech. That coincidental timing has led to lots of calls from colleagues in education elsewhere who are interested in the solution, according to Principal Thomas D. Williams. The school, in Verona, KY, has about 750 students....

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School Security News

Survey: Midwest Administrators Not Extremely Confident in Security

In a survey conducted last month, administrators in midwest schools indicated that they were not confident that their security measures were adequate to thwart threats to their campus. The survey, conducted by security technology provider Wren, polled principals and superintendents from middle and high schools in 12 midwest states, and showed that only 15 percent of respondents were "extremely confident" in their security measures....

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Idaho District Rolls Out Crisis Management System

Meridian Joint School District No. 2 in Idaho has deployed a new crisis management system, one that will serve some 50 sites in the district. The deployment was paid for through a grant from the United States Department of Education....

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RedSky Launches Campus Alert Tool

Automated E911 provider RedSky Technologies (Chicago, IL) has released Broadcast Alert, a tool to help emergency and security personnel reach higher education campuses and school districts with emergency and alert messages....

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On-Net Updates NetDVR Surveillance Suite

On-Net Surveillance Systems has released an update to its NetDVR video surveillance suite. The new 6.0 release expands compatibility and brings updates to NetGuard-EVS, NetGuard Client, and NetPDA and NetCell portable clients....

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DyKnow To Be Bundled with HP Education Systems

DyKnow announced a partnership this week with HP to distribute the company's DyKnow Vision and Monitor software on HP hardware. The software will be bundled as part of HP's education packages, including HP's tablet PCs....

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Arkansas School Migrates to IP-Based Video Surveillance

Bentonville High School in Arkansas is converting its campus surveillance systems from analog to IP video. The new technologies, provided by Wren, will allow administrators to access video remotely and from multiple locations on the campus, as well as manage and distribute video to multiple users....

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