Washington State School District Deploys Online Writing Program


Lake Washington School District in Washington has rolled out Vantage Learning’s MY Access! online writing and evaluation tool to help its students maintain their high writing test scores.

MY Access! allows students to submit assigned essays online, analyzes an essay using criteria based upon 350 characteristics of proficient writing, and then grades the essay on focus and meaning, organization, content and development, language use and style, mechanics and conventions, and overall writing proficiency, all in accordance with testing standards.

Linda Stevens, the district’s director of curriculum and assessment, said she believes this process will allow teachers to spend less time grading writing assignments and more time teaching. “Thanks to the immediate feedback provided by MY Access!, our students have the opportunity to revise, revise, revise, and watch their scores climb on the rubric,” said Stevens.

The district sent a group of its educators to an intensive seven-day certification program offered by Vantage Learning to have them master the software and go on to train all of the district’s teachers in its use.

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