Indiana Students Face After-School Video Game Challenge

Third- through eighth-grade students throughout Indiana are about to be faced with a serious after-school challenge. From a video game. And their schools are all for it.

Beginning Wednesday, students in elementary and middle schools all over the state are invited to participate in the Pearson DimensionM Indiana After School Challenge, a weeklong competition aimed at giving students a fun and challenging opportunity to work on their computational and problem-solving skills using DimensionM, an educational video game from Tabula Digita.

The participants will download a special version of the game free of charge, and then each weekday from Nov. 11 through Nov. 18, they will log in to the contest site and play, using the math skills commensurate with their respective grade levels to rack up points and try for the highest scores. Daily scores for each student will be tallied, and, at the end of the week, each student's accumulated scores will be compared to all the other players on his/her grade level around the state. Two statewide winners from each grade level, 3 through 8, will receive $400 in educational materials for their schools.

All Indiana students in grades 3 through 8 interested in participating in the Indiana After School Challenge can register and download the free game demo here.

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