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Time to Know Releases Curriculum System for Technology-Enabled Classrooms

Israeli firm Time to Know has released its interactive curriculum system in the United States, a program designed to help tailor instruction, learning, and assessment to 1:1 computing environments.

America's Digital Schools 2008, a broad-reaching study of education technology trends, indicated that the quality of 1:1 implementations, wherein every student in a school or district has exclusive access to his or her own laptop or netbook computer for educational purposes, has greatly improved in recent years, but that U.S. schools have fallen short of realizing the full potential of 1:1 programs owing to digital curricula inadequate for keeping up with advanced technological environs.

"Most of the early one-to-one implementations were driven by the technology rather than by the academic needs of students, which led to less than optimum results," said Tom Greaves, a co-author of ADS 2008. "Professional development and the incorporation of electronic materials is on the rise, but until now it's been up to schools to [cobble] together instructional components."

The Time to Know system offers a curriculum completely designed and built to integrate with a classroom fully immersed in technology via a 1:1 program. Its goal is complete learning and assessment management of the digital classroom, with core curriculum instruction and tools for all of the following:

  • Workflow management;
  • Individualized instruction;
  • Collaborative study;
  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Developing strategies for improved comprehension and retention; and
  • Review and test preparation.

"Time To Know fills the gaps of many one-to-one computing programs by providing a fully integrated digital curriculum," said Greaves, "and by enabling a powerful instruction delivery model that truly harnesses the power of technology-rich classrooms."

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