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Pennsylvania District Overhauls Administrative Systems

Allentown School District in Pennsylvania is overhauling its administrative systems. The district said it has replaced its Legacy human resources and financial systems to address growth and improve efficiencies.

The replacement financial system, Skyward's School Business Suite, is a SIF-compliant online tool, which the district has used as part of its effort to move to paperless administrative operations.

"We deal with a great volume of timesheets, journal entries, and reports, and our goal is within a year or two to be paperless," said Trevor Jackson, the district's CFO, in a prepared statement. He continued: "By using Skyward, we have moved light years ahead. We are shifting the approval process for purchase orders at the building level to go all the way through administration so we don't have the excessive paper trail we had before."

The School Business Suite enables automatically updated payroll, direct deposit, data mining, e-commerce, budget management, time off accrual, and purchasing features, as well as the ability to scan images for conversion. Optional modules like accounts receivable and e-sign are also available.

Allentown School District currently serves more than 18,000 students with two high schools, four middle schools, 16 elementary schools, and three alternative programs.

Further Information about the School Business Suite is available here.

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