School Security

SWN Launches SaaS Incident Management System

Send Word Now, a provider of on-demand emergency notification services, has released Incident Management Service (IMS), which offers incident management and mass notification tools using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. IMS is also fully integrated with the company's existing emergency alert system.

Schools and districts frequently use emergency notification and incident management systems to send mass alerts to students, staff, and the community, as well as first responders (fire, police, etc.), in events such as natural disasters and school lockdowns.

The IMS is operated and administered from a centralized console, or "dashboard," from which an administrator can implement a complete range of emergency procedures, including sending broadcast alerts, communicating internally, coordinating rescue efforts, reporting on related incidents and threats, and managing response procedures. Additional features of the software include task assignment, staffing and resource allocation, and incident site mapping, logging, and tracking.

The company also announced that IMS will be a key component of its Business Continuity Planning software, scheduled for release this summer.

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