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K12Translate Launches ELL Grants

K12Translate will award $2,000 in grants to aid districts already working to build connections with non-native English-speaking families that are home schooling their English language learner (ELL) children.

The grants can be applied to translation services between English and more than 50 world languages, from Euro-American and Latin American standards (Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc.) to Asian languages whose native speakers are joining the United States educational system in increasing numbers, such as Chinese, Vietnamese, and Hmong. Services funded with the grant money can be used to translate a wide variety of materials that aid in home schooling, such as government compliance documents, community alerts, changes in district policies, enrollment, program application documents, and general announcements, among others.

A spokesperson for K12Translate explained that the company formed the grant program in order to help schools and districts address language barriers and "build strong home-school connections to support reaching and learning for all of their students."

The deadline for submitting a grant proposal is June 15, 2010. For more information, and to submit a proposal, visit the grant Web page.

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