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Partnership Looks To Make Digital Transcript Delivery Easier for California Students

Transcript processing services eTranscript California and CSIS Transcript Center have formed a new partnership with the aim of making electronic transcripts easier and faster for all K-12 students in the state of California. The California Transcript Connection (CTC) will create a secure transcript delivery method based entirely on the Web.

For a fee, users can have their secondary school transcripts sent to any college in the United States in the receiving institution's preferred format and method of delivery (digital or hard copy). CSIS provides the data authentication, and its delivery partner the National Transcript Center handles formatting and delivery.

"This partnership provides a service that sets students up for the best possible opportunity of being accepted to their college of choice, especially now that UC and CSU campuses are capping enrollment," said Tim Calhoon, director of the California Community Colleges Technology Center.

CSIS has acknowledged that the success of the newly formed CTC will be realized in accordance with each individual school district's willingness to change its existing transcript system, which in some cases amounts to printing out the documents upon request and sending them to the necessary institutions via the U.S. Postal service, and embrace the digital technology required.

"This is our biggest challenge," said John DiPirro, a director at CSIS, "because the process requires some effort on already burdened district IT departments.  But when you consider what the schools will ultimately be saving in terms of time and money, we know it's just a matter of time before high schools are lining up to participate."

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