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Mimio Unveils Classroom Polling System, Document Camera

Mimio's interactive polling system, MimioVote

At the ISTE 2010 conference in Denver, DYMO/Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies debuted a rechargeable interactive polling system, a document camera with two adjustable light sources, and a new portable device for writing on projected images.

The interactive polling system, MimioVote, combines with a wireless receiver, a computer, and a projector or interactive whiteboard to provide teachers with the ability to poll, quiz, and test students electronically.

Features of the system include a black and white screen, left and right scroll arrows, A through E multiple choice buttons that light up when they represent a possible answer, and the ability to store test, quiz, and poll results in spreadsheets and lesson plans.

Lesson plans, quizzes, and tests can be composed on MimioStudio, an included application with templates, or PowerPoint.

The polling systems ship with charger that handles 24 units or 32 units and automatically renumbers each unit while charging.

Mimio's document camera, the MimioView

Also unveiled at the ISTE was the MimioView, a document camera that offers a 1,600 x 1,200 resolution, a 5x mechanical zoom and the ability to play live video.

Other features include video markup, 90 degree rotation, and the abilities to copy, freeze, cut, save, and highlight videos and images.

Mimio's new portable device, dubbed MimioTeach, works with an LCD projector, stylus, wireless receiver, and a computer to enable teachers to write on a projected image.

MimioTeach mounts magnetically to existing whiteboards and syncs with an image projected on the surface. Educators can write on the projected image with the stylus, save notes and drawings, and record both audio and video lessons.

The device is rechargeable and supports Windows 7, Windows XP, and Vista.

Mimio demonstrated its technologies at the ISTE 2010, which was held in late June in Denver, CO.

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