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Vernier Donates Time and Technology To Augment STEM Education in Western States

Intel Teach, a professional development program aimed at helping teachers integrate technology into their instruction knowledgeably and effectively, will receive assistance from STEM education technology provider Vernier Software & Technology.

The company is offering a week-long course to science and technology teachers in Intel Teach programs in Arizona, New Mexico, and Oregon as part of the organization's pilot professional development program in STEM education, training attendees to use classroom technology in ways that help promote 21st-century skills and independent learning. The Intel Teach Essentials STEM course, being offered throughout the summer and fall, will include training in:

  • Using Vernier data-collection technology, including LabQuest, Logger Pro, and Mini GC;
  • Planning experiments;
  • Creating a standards-based plan;
  • Creating effective assessment tools;
  • Engaging students with scientific inquiry; and
  • Innovative ways to use Web 2.0 technologies.

Vernier is also donating to each teacher who attends the course a school copy of its Logger Pro software for data collection management, calculation, and analysis; a LabQuest Mini classroom data collection interface; and several sensors for data gathering related to the subject each individual teaches. The company placed the value of the donated package at about $500.

For further information on Intel Teach Essentials, including applications to participate in the week-long STEM course this summer or fall, complete the program's information request form.

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