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Complete Data Warehouse 12 Gets Performance Improvements, New Standards Support

eScholar has released version 12 of its Complete Data Warehouse (CDW-PK12) information management and analysis tool, used by more than 2,500 school districts and state education agencies, according to the company. The new version introduces features designed to aid school districts with decision making and trend identification and to help meet reporting mandates and perform other data analysis tasks.

Starting from a browser-based data submission module which can filter out unnecessary entries according to user-defined rulesets, CDW-PK12 collects and organizes data across more than 30 categories into 2,500 elements relating to student and staff demographics, attendance, courses, and programs, to name a few. The system is compatible with Oracle and Microsoft SQL server database platforms and can support data integration from outside sources through transformation and loading functions, as well as interface with any ODBC-compliant reporting, analysis, or OLAP product.

The latest release features data load time performance improvements, support for state and local academic standards, online help, and new domains for student contact information and course credit and grade handling, among others.

More information can be found here.

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