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Florida Online Elementary School Expands Educational Resources

Duval County Public Schools in Florida has teamed up with Calvert Partners to expand elementary education resources at the district's online virtual school, Duval Virtual Instruction Academy (DVIA). The tuition-free program will debut for the 2010-2011 school year.

Under the new partnership, DVIA will feature curriculum for K-5 students from the Calvert School, a not-for-profit organization that has specialized in distance learning programs since 1906 and includes support for struggling and learning disabled students through its Verticy Learning courses.

"We chose Calvert because of its longstanding commitment to educating children through a model of partnership with local school systems. This non-profit organization is a perfect match for a public school district whose desire is to educate each child from his or her current level to full potential," said Marilyn Myers, supervisor of virtual education for Duval County Schools.

The virtual school also offers instruction to students up to grade 12 from state-certified teachers and follows the normal public school calendar, but day to day learning periods are flexible as long as students reach expected outcomes by nine weeks or semester breaks.

New offerings from Calvert for the upcoming school year include hands-on science kits, language arts proficiency placement, interactive multimedia activities, and instructional videos, plus a writing skills workshop and online math textbook with added glossary, annotation, and calculator functionality.

Duval County Public Schools, based in Jacksonville, FL, serves more than 124,000 students in 150 elementary, middle, and high schools. More information about Duval Virtual Instruction Academy can be found here.

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