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Turnitin2 Integrates Plagiarism Checking, Paperless Grading

iParadigms has released Turnitin2, the new version of its Web-based tool for reviewing papers and detecting signs of plagiarism or inadequate citation.

Turnitin is a collaborative tool designed for evaluating written work. It includes OriginalityCheck, a plagiarism detection and citation tool; GradeMark, which is designed to simplify paperless grading; and PeerMark, a solution for anonymous, collaborative, paperless peer review.

The latest version, released earlier this month, integrates all three of the core technologies behind Turnitin: OriginalityCheck, PeerMark, and GradeMark. The integration allows users to view a paper (with the original formatting) while also accessing results from all three of the core components. The release offers integration with various learning management systems, including Moodle, Blackboard, and Desire2Learn.

The new release also includes changes and improvements to the individual core components. Some of these include:

  • Improved navigation overall;
  • Interface tweaks to make some functions easier to access in OriginalityCheck;
  • Support for landscape orientations and multiple layouts within a single document;
  • A new commenting tool in PeerMark and GradeMark (replacing the inline text tool);
  • A new side panel containing marks in PeerMark (replacing the floating palette);
  • A vertically oriented comment list in GradeMark;
  • A consolidated QuickMark panel;
  • Improved highlighting; and
  • Simplified rubrics creation in GradeMark.

The new release is available to customers who purchased the company's previous WriteCycle product at no extra charge. More information can be found here.

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