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SchoolView Adds HDMI Support

AMX | SchoolView controls AV systems and other digital components over a district's existing network.

AV technology developer AMX has released an update to its AMX | SchoolView control suite, incorporating support for HDMI-connected devices (such as newer computers, projectors, and displays) in addition to older devices that use analog ports.

AMX | SchoolView is a hardware/software package that allows teachers, administrators, and IT staff to manage and control technologies throughout an entire enterprise, from computers and AV equipment to PA systems and security cameras. It provides varying levels of access based on user type and also includes classroom-specific modules that allow teachers to control devices and stream media within their classrooms via a mobile touch panel or Web interface. It includes energy savings features like automated device shutdown across multiple campuses; built-in paging support; the ability to supply power over Ethernet; support for synchronizing clocks, bell schedules, and other systems across an existing data network; access to live feeds from some types of surveillance cameras via touch panel; support for sharing AV equipment, like DVD players, across a standard network when paired with AMX's video delivery feature; campus digital signage control via touch panel; and an emergency alert feature that can, for example, turn on all projectors at a location and display an alert with text and graphics, then signal an "all clear" when appropriate.

The new update allows the system to control newer HDMI-capable devices while retaining support for devices with VGA ports. HDMI has become the de facto interface among home electronics and handheld devices like tablets and smart phones for delivering and displaying multi-channel digital audio and high-definition digital video. With the update, schools can add in newer hardware incrementally without having to replace legacy equipment that might still be useful.

Districts in the United States that have adopted AMX | SchoolView include Round Rock Independent School District and Franklin ISD, both in Texas. Further information about SchoolVIew can be found here.

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