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Learning.com Offers Free One Year Trial of Imagine Mars

Learning.com is offering free one-year trials of Imagine Mars, the company's online project designed to engage students in science learning.

Imagine Mars asks students to build a community through collaboration and problem solving. The project consists of five parts:

  • First students reflect by exploring what they already know about communities;
  • Next, students imagine what life might be like on Mars and find areas of interest to explore;
  • Then students research how Mars is different from Earth and use data to answer questions;
  • In the fourth step, students build a model Mars community and use the information they've gathered to solve problems;
  • Finally, students demonstrate their knowledge by sharing their projects with classmates and family.

Imagine Mars is based on material from NASA and includes additional material from Learning.com's Aha!Science and EasyTech. The project is delivered through an online platform that enables teachers to interact with students and track their progress.

Imagine Mars is aligned to standards developed by the National Science Teachers Association, state standards, and ISTE NETS-S standards. The project also features curricula for grades 3 through 5 and 6 through 8 and addresses concepts in fine arts, language arts, and social studies in addition to STEM concepts.

The free trial is good for one year and includes licenses for one teacher and 30 students, as well as an implementation guide. The trial offer ends June 30.

For more information about Imagine Mars, visit learning.com. Sign up for the free trial here.

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