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Virginia Space Grant Consortium To Use Krucible for STEM Education

The Virginia Space Grant Consortium will use idoodlesoftware's Krucible in its NASA-based educational program for Virginia high school students.

Krucible includes more than 300 virtual experiments and problem-solving challenges in virtual laboratories to illustrate the physical effects and impacts of scientific phenomena, allowing students to explore and understand key science concepts important to STEM studies.

The software also allows students to work as teams or individuals, record observations on an experiments note pad, develop observational and experimental method skills, plot data in the real-time graph plotter, save, replay and share experiments, and use the camera to record experimental points and include notes.

"Krucible has already been integrated into our summer academy curriculum and it is now being embedded in our 2012 online course as well," said Amber Agee-DeHart, Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars program manager. "We particularly like the comprehensive simulations in krucible which act like an interactive encyclopedia, with concept examples and virtual experiments running to visually demonstrate the scientific theory to the student. In this case, seeing is understanding."

More information about Krucible is available at idoodlesoftware.com.

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