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5 Illinois Schools Implement Streaming Media

A pair of school districts and one elementary school in Illinois are using streaming media to help supplement lessons in the classroom.

Bartonville Grade School District 66 in Bartonville, Warren Elementary School in Warren, and Westchester School District 92.5 in Westchester have deployed CCC! Streaming Media, created by New Dimension Media, which is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

CCC! Streaming Media provides a variety of multimedia resources for the classroom. Subjects include social studies, sciences, mathematics, English and language arts, music, dance, art, and foreign language. Types of available material include video, audio, maps, data, graphics, animation, and Flash-based media from, for example, Disney Educational Production, National Geographic Education, and BBC Motion Gallery. New Dimension also provides original material.

Features include:

  • Access to 3,500 programs and 50,000 teaching segments. Standards-based titles come with teachers guides, student activities, and interactive assessments;
  • Search by curriculum, keyword, subject, or standard;
  • Video segment selection, and video play lists, which let teachers string together segments into customized lesson plans;
  • H.264 photo quality;
  • Tools that allow for iPod playback and live webcasts;
  • An option for teachers to add their own material to the system; and
  • Integration with digital projectors and Smart and Promethean interactive whiteboards, and the ability to share with students through emailed hyperlinks.

Seventeen other Illinois schools and school districts have also recently deployed CCC! Streaming Media after approval by the Chicago Archdiocese.

Bartonville Grade School District 66 in Bartonville consists of one K-8 school. Westchester School District 92.5 has a primary (K-2), middle (3-5), and intermediate school (6-8), and Warren Elementary School teaches students in pre-K through eighth grade.

For more information about the districts, visit sd925.org, bartonville66.com, or 205warren.net.

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