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NCH Offers $10,000 in Prizes Through Video Contest

NCH Software is offering $10,000 worth of media lab software through its PhotoStage Video Contest, which asks students to answer the question, "What will computers do when I am 25?"

Open to K-12 schools, the contest offers NCH Software products including audio, video, and typing products that will be awarded to the media lab of the winning school.

The first prize package includes:

  • PhotoStage, a slideshow application that allows editing of video, digital photos, and music;
  • VideoPad, a video editor;
  • WavePad, an audio editing application;
  • MixPad, a software application for creating soundtracks for various projects; and
  • KeyBlaze, a typing tutorial.

A runner-up prize of up to 30 seats of PhotoStage and KeyBlaze software will also be awarded.

Entries must be created with PhotoStage, and must be no longer than 3 minutes and no bigger than 10 megabytes. Only students in grades K-12 may participate, and no copyrighted material may be used in submitted entries.

Multiple entries may be submitted from any school, but no more than one entry may be submitted by each student.

The deadline for submitting entries, which will be uploaded to YouTube, is March 30. Entrants will be judged primarily on the creativity of their submissions and relevance to the topic. Results for the contest will be announced by April 27.

"With school budgets being slashed, it is very rewarding knowing we will be helping hundreds of kids stay computer literate," said Greg Ahern, VP of sales and marketing at NCH. "Kids have the ability to not be hindered by reality. It will be exciting to see what kids imagine the future will be like. Who ever thought we would be talking face-to-face on devices like we saw on 'The Jetsons,' or interacting with computers like we saw on 'Star Trek,' or '2001: Space Odyssey?' Kids can imagine these things vividly, and maybe one day turn them into reality."

More information about the contest including rules and details about prizes is available at