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Luidia Unveils Cloud-Based Interactive Whiteboard Tool

Luidia has recently rolled out the beta version of a cloud solution that allows lectures to be viewed and manipulated remotely from tablets and other computers while providing interactive whiteboard functionality without the board.

Combined with a projector and a computer, the new solution, eBeam Connect, can annotate, highlight, and draw over uploaded slides, slides created within the solution, and uploaded images during a lecture or presentation.

The solution's remote access capabilities grant teachers the ability to control lecture aids from a connected computer and give students the ability to manipulate the same set of tools provided to the teachers, a scroll bar to navigate through slides, and a toolbar used to manipulate annotations, allowing them to answer questions, solve problems, and upload pictures related to class projects.

Connected students can view all slides in the lecture and annotate on them, but the presenter is the only one with the ability to change what slide is being viewed through the classroom AV system.  

Features include:

  • Black, red, blue, green, white, and gray pen colors;
  • Yellow, purple, blue, green, white, and gray highlighter colors;
  • Multiple annotation thicknesses;
  • Text insertion;
  • Single and dual directional arrows;
  • Circle and square templates;
  • The ability to upload images;
  • Support for eBeam Engage;
  • The ability to upload PowerPoint slides; and
  • The ability to save annotations.

A minimum screen resolution of 1,024 x 768, a web browser with support for HTML 5, and the creation of a free account using a valid email address are needed to access the tool.

The beta version of eBeam Connect is currently available at

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