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Promethean Ships Touchscreen Table

Promethean has released ActivTable, an interactive table with an integrated multitouch-sensitive screen that supports group collaborative learning.

ActivTable, which seats up to six students who can work simultaneously, is designed for classes with students ages 4 to 11. It comes loaded with 25 core-subject activities aligned with core curriculum learning objectives. Promethean reported it will release more activities in the near future. The tables, which weigh 121 pounds, are wheelchair-accessible.

Video provided by Promethean.

Cara Whitehead, a fourth-grade teacher at Carlisle Elementary School in northeast Alabama, who recently had the opportunity to see ActivTable being used, wrote on her blog, Teaching ... My Calling: "One of my favorite activities was the sentence-building activity. With the built-in keyboard, the students could type words and sentences that automatically became word cards. The students could join the word cards, and the ActivTable would read it to them. You see five children and an adult working together to create a story. The cool part is that each child could work individually or collaboratively as a group."

Features include:

  • A 46-inch high-definition LCD display;
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7;
  • Activities that require students to decide as a group how they will complete them;
  • Access for wired and wireless Web browsing;
  • A tool library, which includes virtual keyboards, math tools, and musical instruments;
  • A sound system for multimedia, with two 10 watt speakers and integrated class D amplifier, which supports voice recording; and
  • Compatibility with the Promethean ActivBoard whiteboard.

Reporting tools show teachers how each student has participated in lessons and how they have used the learning tools. It allows teachers to place students in groups based on learning levels and design remedial lessons specific to each one.

ActivTable has four USB ports, one mic input, four headphone inputs, one Ethernet port, and WiFi.

ActivTable runs $7,999. For more information, visit the Promethean Web site.

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