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Gale Offers CLiC Resources for Digital Curriculum Transition

Reference resource publisher Gale has announced it will offer Classroom in Context (CLiC) resources to support the efforts of schools seeking to transition to digital curriculum.

The curriculum-based resources are designed as a supplement to textbooks with multi-media offerings drawn from Gale's In Contextproduct suite that includes articles, podcasts, and videos.

The purpose of CLiC, an outgrowth of Gale's digital curriculum alignment effort, is to maximize student engagement and provide digital resources to teachers.

Features of CLiC include:

  • The ability to integrate with a school's current Learning Management System;
  • Alignment with state and national curriculum standards;
  • Customization;
  • Support for 1-to-1 or mobile learning; and
  • Unlimited access, both school-wide and remotely, via an Internet connection through a Web-based portal.

Current CLiC offerings include biology, chemistry, world history, and United States history with Earth science and government coming later.

With each of these course offerings, CLiC is designed to help extend the life of textbooks currently in use by providing more current information than print products can provide.

"Gale's custom designed Earth science portal is revolutionizing the way we teach and learn about Earth science in Rockville Centre," said Chris Pellettieri, assistant superintendent at Rockville Centre Schools, one of the first adopters of Gale's custom digital curriculum program. "Our students are currently utilizing true twenty-first century skills by working in a safe, vetted, up-to-date portal, chock full of informational text, video, podcasts, and the like, all from an abundance of rich sources and all at the click of a button."

Gale is part of the Cengage family.

More information about CLiC can be found at gale.cengage.com/clic.