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Studio Technologies Unveils New Remote Camera Interface System

Studio Technologies has introduced Live Link Jr. Remote Camera Interface System at this year's InfoComm show and conference. The new camera system has been designed to support single-camera remote production situations—capturing news, sports, concerts, and other events—and feed this content to multiple media outlets.

Live Link Jr. moves digital media—audio, video, intercom, and data—between a remote camera and a production vehicle or fixed installation, transporting one SDI video signal in each direction. The system transfers the audio and support signals as embedded SDI data. The camera end unit supports remote powering with hybrid fiber/copper cable, 12 volt DC or Anton/Bauer or "V-Mount" batteries. The truck end unit includes AC and DC powering capabilities.

The system's camera end unit, housed within an aluminum enclosure and weighing less than six pounds, is designed for portable applications. Additional features of the camera end unit include two mic/line inputs—compatible with microphone or line-level signals—as well as adjustable input sensitivity, phantom power, and level metering. Input stages can be individually set for compatibility with line-level signals (0 dB gain) or mic signals (gain of 15, 30 or 45 dB).

The vehicle end unit's back panel includes two balanced line-level outputs, which connect to the camera end unit’s mic/line inputs. The back panel includes an additional two balanced line-level outputs—known as "convenience" outputs—that deliver de-embedded analog signals linked with group 1, channels 1 and 2 of the transported SDI signal.

The Live Link Jr. includes an integrated two-channel intercom system. Beltpacks can be connected to and powered by the two-channel party line intercoms attached to each end unit, creating a communication system between the remote camera and the production vehicle. A four-wire input and output enables interconnection between matrix intercom systems. A fiber connection between truck and camera end units transfers two line-level audio signals, enabling IFB communications. Balanced line/IFB inputs facilitate connection of analog audio signals, including talent cueing. Audio quality supports transportation of on-air signals.

Additional information on Live Link Jr can be found at Studio Technologies website.

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