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Compass Learning Expands Middle School Science Offering

A new software release aims to improve student comprehension of science as well as teach scientific writing skills and introduce career opportunities in science and STEM fields to middle school students.

The latest version of CompassLearning Odyssey features an expanded Middle School Science offering with a number of new activities, tasks, and quizzes focused on exploration and science, according to a statement released this week by the company. Also included in the new release are interactive Flash activities on topics such as chemical reactions, ecology, evolution, forces, and interactions of humans and the environment.

Additional features of the summer 2012 release include:

  • 45 new quizzes;
  • 187 new Odyssey Writer, Odyssey Community and Authentic Tasks covering the Middle School Science course spectrum;
  • Additional grade-management and course features;
  • Increased customization options such as the ability for educators to quickly add Authentic Tasks; and
  • Newly-designed Authentic Tasks designed to draw students into considering STEM careers.

The curriculum's activities are designed to foster discussion and investigation. Students will explore theories and discuss their findings with classmates. They will also learn scientific writing, including how to use evidence to support arguments.

"We’ve all been captivated by NASA’s most recent mission to Mars, and we know it wouldn’t be possible without science," said Ann Henson, vice president, curriculum and instruction and customer service for Compass Learning. "Science is all about capturing the imagination and expanding possibilities. This latest expansion to our Middle School Science curriculum provides teachers with the ability to engage students in compelling content that can make learning science fun and entertaining while at the same time delivering academic results."

CompassLearning products are currently used in more than 7,500 schools across the country, according to the company. More information about this latest release with CompassLearning Odyssey is available at the company's Web site.