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ASCD Launches Free Common Core Resource Site

ASCD has launched EduCore, a new, free digital tool to help educators transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in mathematics and literacy. Funded by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, EduCore is a repository of resources for teachers that includes strategies, videos, and supporting documents for implementing CCSS in math and literacy.

EduCore's Math Tools channel currently provides over 20 formative assessment math lessons and videos, including problem-solving and content-development formative assessments, aimed at the middle and high school level. The lessons were developed by the Shell Centre and cover subjects such as solving linear equations in two variables and apply angle theorems. EduCore also includes lesson plans, student materials, PowerPoint slides, and other materials to help teachers implement the CCSS math curriculum in their classrooms.

EduCore's Literacy Tools channel currently provides templates, developed by the Literacy Design Collaborative, for teaching argumentation, informational, and narrative writing at the middle and high school level. Teachers can customize the templates according to the reading and writing assignments they give their students, as well as the content they want their students to address.

EduCore also provides videos to teach the teachers how to create templates for their own CCSS-based modules. Teachers who register on the EduCore site can also use additional features, such as saving searches, organizing tools, and annotating resources.

ASCD plans to add more formative assessment math lessons and sample literacy modules in the coming months. The organization will also provide a series of free webinars this fall to help teachers learn strategies and tactics for implementing CCSS in their classrooms.

Further information about EduCore is available on ASCD's EduCore site, and information about the Common Core Webinar Series is available on the ASCD site.

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