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McGraw-Hill To Release Common Core Reading Platform

McGraw-Hill will launch a reading program, Reading Wonders, for students in grades K-6 and designed for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The new program will be available in January 2013 in both all digital and digital and print hybrid formats and is based on the Publisher's Criteria, a set of suggestions written by the two lead authors of the standards to guide education publishers and curriculum developers.

"Currently being piloted in more than 200 classrooms," according to information released by McGraw-Hill, Reading Wonders features "emphasis on 'close reading,' which challenges students to uncover the deep meaning of text, find evidence to support their analysis, and respond to reading through writing." The program also includes lessons and resources designed to help teachers differentiate, personalize, and accelerate learning.

The program's teacher platform includes a built-in plan, a presentation tool, videos and images, graphic organizers, digital books, and interactive resources sequenced according to the CCSS.

Features of the student platform include:

  • The ability to complete and save work;
  • Tools for students to collaborate with classmates and their teachers;
  • The ability to access and submit assignments;
  • Reading material;
  • Interactive resources;
  • Educational games; and
  • Customizable digital assessments designed to measure individual or class progress on specific standards and assist teachers in individualizing future instruction.

Both platforms are available "across any device," according to information released by the company.

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