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Stackable Touchscreen Display Supports Unlimited Simultaneous Users

MultiTouch recently unveiled its new 55-inch ultra-thin bezel (UTB) LCD MultiTaction cell.

Created for installations in schools, college and university campuses, museums, and other retail and corporate areas, the MultiTaction Cell MT553UTB is designed to reduce the visible bezel. The 55-inch stackable display features a "1.9mm bezel in the bottom and left side of the cell, and a 3.8mm bezel on the top and right side," according to a statement released last week by the company.

The MT553UTB's touchscreen, with optical touch sensors integrated into the LCD backlight modules, features 200 frames-per-second gesture tracking. The display supports unlimited touch points and simultaneous users with full hand recognition as well as concurrent IR pen and touch interaction with objects such as ID badges, 2D barcodes, or game pieces, and the like.

The MT553UTB, which comes with full networking capabilities, supports cloud applications, remote management and monitoring, and a range of development and integration options. With an external computer, running Windows, Linux, or MacOS, users can connect multiple cells to create table configurations or wall displays of up to 24 units.

Shipment of the new display begin at the end of September. To find additional information or place an order, please visit MultiTouch's Web site.

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