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Credo Launches Information Skills Tool for K-12 Students

Online reference resource and informational skills company Credo Reference has released a new version of its Literati software specifically for K-12 students.

Designed to help students learn information skills, Literati School follows on the heels of Literati Academic and Literati Public, which have been implemented at more than 600 institutions in less than a year from their release, according to Credo.

Features of Literati School include:

  • Individual and market customization;
  • interactive reference content;
  • integration of third-party resources and technologies;
  • online tutoring;
  • homework help; and
  • Librarian Connect with real-time text, chat, and email.

"Information skills are necessary to solve problems and think critically, actions essential to academic, workforce and personal success," CEO Mike Sweet said. "However, in many cases fundamental competencies such as knowing how to conduct research, understanding authoritative versus non-authoritative sources, writing, and even using the Internet, are unmet."

Pricing of Credo's Literati services is highly variable, according to a review in the Library Journal, with Credo reporting that depending on services provided and size of institution, libraries paid anywhere from $6,500 to $60,000 for the initial Literati Academic and Literati Public suites and services.

Founded in 1999, Credo has offices in Boston and the UK. The company partners with libraries, educators, publishers, and technology providers to deliver solutions for developing information skills.

Rising demand for tools to assist in information skills education has prompted the company to transition from its primary role as an online reference content provider to an active role as an information skills advocate, according to Sweet.

For more information visit corp.credoreference.com.

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