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Adaptive Curriculum Partners with JP-Inspiring Knowledge

Adaptive Curriculum has partnered with JP-Inspiring Knowledge (JP-IK) to create a new inclusive learning tool that combines computer hardware from JP-IK with math and science educational content from Adaptive Curriculum.

JP-IK manufactures and distributes Intel Classmate-based netbooks, tablets, and convertible PCs designed for classroom use. Under this partnership, JP-IK will distribute Adaptive Curriculum's Web-based AC Math and AC Science resources designed for students in grades 6-12, as well as Vitamina, a Spanish instructional solution designed for Latin America.

The Portugal-based JP-IK has significant distribution in Latin America. According to a prepared statement from Jorge Sá Couto, chairman of JP-IK, his company's goal is "to become a one-stop shop that ministries of education can rely on for professional services, academic content, implementation, and professional development." He said that the company chose to partner with Adaptive Curriculum because it shares JP-IK's vision of "fostering human development through technology" and because of the quality of Adaptive Curriculum's instructional content and approach.

For Adaptive Curriculum, this partnership helps the company expand its global reach. "JP-IK has established itself as the largest Intel OEM with significant distribution in Latin America," said Jim Bowler, CEO of Adaptive Curriculum, in a prepared statement. "When the World Bank funds initiatives in places like Portugal, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, the Middle East, etc., devices from JP-IK are almost always a key component. With their global reach and leadership position in ICT-based education, we couldn't ask for a better partner for helping to develop the world's future scientists and mathematicians."

Further information about Adaptive Curriculum can be found at Go to for more information about JP-Inspiring Knowledge.

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