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Frontline Adds New Reporting Features to Aesop Substitute Placement System

In preparation for the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act on January 1, 2014, Frontline Technologies has added some new features to Aesop, its automated substitute placement and absence management system.

The act, which was signed into law by President Barack Obama in March 2010 and will be fully implemented in 2014, requires school districts and all other employers to offer healthcare coverage to all employees that work at least an average of 30 hours per week.

"We've been hearing a lot of districts ask about tracking employee hours in preparation for the Affordable Care Act," said Larry Foxx, director of client services.

Aesop, delivered via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, allows teachers to record their absences by phone or online. The system then begins looking for substitute teachers that are available and meet required skills and preferences. Through its report writer, Aesop also provides a variety of reports that allow school districts to monitor employee absenteeism trends such as high-absence days.

Aesop's new features are intended to help school districts decide if substitute employees are eligible for healthcare benefits under the Affordable Care Act. They include:

  • A new customizable report that shows which days and how many hours are scheduled in the future for each substitute teacher. Administrators can specify whether they wish to receive reports when requested or delivered on a weekly or monthly basis; and
  • Another report that allows administrators look back at days and hours worked by substitute teachers.

In addition, Aesop integrates with Frontline's VeriTime Web-based system, which includes an employee Web clock, digital timesheets, barcode scanner, and the ability for supervisors to approve timesheets online.

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