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Credo Acquires To Add Tutoring Services to Literati

Credo has acquired in an attempt to enhance its Literati reference suite and services with technologies intended to help users access on-staff, state-certified tutors at their point of need.

"( technologies, services and people are complementary to our company culture as well as to our Literati solutions," said Mike Sweet , Credo CEO, in a release. "Education trends like the 'flipped classroom' show that the boundaries between the classroom and the library are blurring, making unconventional educational support absolutely critical. By acquiring, Credo is able to offer an affordable way for librarians and educators to give all students the support they need to be successful, removing the barriers that hinder those who are unable to find or afford state-qualified tutors."

The acquisition is part of Credo Literati's increase in new customers, partnerships, and recognition by award programs this year, according to a release, a year which also saw the company release two new versions of Literati, Student Athlete, and School. These releases followed the initial offerings of Literati Public and Academic the previous year.

Literati software and services combines scholarly content, technology, and customizable services to help libraries and educational institutions facilitate student reference discovery while building information skills.

Pricing of Credo's Literati services is highly variable, according to a review in the Library Journal, with Credo reporting that depending on services provided and size of institution, libraries paid anywhere from $6,500 to $60,000 for the initial Literati Academic and Literati Public suites and services.

Founded in 1999, Credo partners with libraries, educators, publishers, and technology providers to deliver solutions for developing information skills.

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