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CourseMill LMS 6.8 Updates Improve Information Tracking, Management

Lectora has released several new features and updates to its CourseMill learning management system (LMS), which allows instructors, students, and administrators to oversee, manage, track, and take online courses and curriculum.

CourseMill LMS 6.8 has added customizable templates, including a master organizational template and a template that allows users to create a news page.

CourseMill LMS 6.8 also offers several new features for viewing and tracking information. New learner information columns track data in one of eight configurable information columns in the new personal info tab. Documents can also be tracked and viewed under new display tabs. Another indicator displays course completion information, such as when a course will expire or be completed. Users can now schedule a course to automatically re-enroll a student after a specified amount of time, and a calendar view allows both students and instructors to view their courses in a monthly calendar snapshot.

Additional new features in CourseMill LMS 6.8 include:

  • Document gradebook modifications that allow instructors to leave comments;
  • Terms of use acceptance date;
  • Expanded user permissions;
  • User access to general reports control; and
  • New report printing options.

Available either as a software package (CourseMill LMS Enterprise) or as a fully hosted server system, (CourseMill LMS Hosted), CourseMill 6.8 provides student self-enrollment, course upload, shopping cart support, gradebook, and transcripts, as well as social features that include real-time chat, internal and external email, instant messaging, mass emailing, and document sharing. CourseMill can also be accessed from most popular mobile devices.

For a full list of new features, visit lectora.com.

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