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Learning Core Launches Interactive Resource Library and Virtual Classroom Network Pilot

Educational software company Learning Core will launch a pilot program of its Wonderville educational technology platform in schools across the United States. The initial program will be available to about 1,000 K-5 students in 50 schools. The full public launch is scheduled for fall 2013.

Designed to help K-12 teachers enrich their curricula, the Wonderville platform, which has been in development for more than two years, features an interactive library of more than 1,000 interactive "smart galleries." Each gallery includes digital resources that might include apps, images, videos, quizzes, or "fun facts." Topics, which align to the Common Core State Standards for language arts, include animals, man-made and natural wonders, the solar system, ocean life, unsolved mysteries, sports, artists, music legends, people at work, innovators, and cultural icons, among others.

Students can play games as well as earn "Smart Badges" by taking interactive quizzes that test their mastery of a specific subject. The online classroom network also allows parents and teachers to track student development.

Key features include:

  • Materials available via interactive whiteboards, mobile devices, and PCs;
  • An online classroom network designed to connect teachers, students, and parents;
  • Materials that can be accessed in class or at home;
  • Common Core tracking to help teachers cover the standards;
  • A quiz generator that allows kids to earn Smart Badges;
  • The ability to upload and share photos, videos, and messages; and
  • Personalized learning rooms.

Wonderville is free for teachers, and the base product is available at no charge to families. Additional subscription enrichment options are also available.

"Technology holds an increasingly prominent place in the classroom, yet there are very few effective tools available to leverage this to better equip students and teachers to meet the rigors of the current educational requirements," said Mark Eastwood, Wonderville founder and CEO, in a prepared statement. "We built Wonderville to empower teachers through the use of an extraordinary digital platform, better connect parents into their children's education, and spark a world of exploration and discovery among students." is the flagship product from Learning Core. For more information, visit

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